How to Create a Vision Board!

How and Why to Create a Personal Vision Board.

- Would you like some to clarify who you are, what you want or where you’re going?
- Would you like some personal inspiration to get you through the murky days of winter?
- Would you like to tap into your inner wisdom and create some focus for yourself?

If so, creating a personal Vision Board can help you! If we get what we focus on – we need to make sure we’re focusing on the right things! Find out how in this helpful article.

Guilty as Charged?

Part of my ‘journey’ was (and still is) about setting fewer ‘rules’ and being more spontaneous. So, this morning I was reading about guilt – and found it so helpful that I decided to spontaneously share my learnings about guilt with you right away!

I┬ádon’t know about you, but one of my struggles with understanding guilt [...]