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*NEW* Worksheet
“Reconnect with your Heart”
Images and symbols help us access our hearts, our authenticity and help with spiritual transformation! This 3 page PDF worksheet provides a simple, powerful way to access your inner self. AND it’s great for interpreting dreams – especially if you have an image or symbol that comes up in a dream repeatedly! Note: Page 3 gives a short meditation to relax you and help you be in the best frame of mind to complete this exercise.  


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Career Brainstorming Workbook – also coming soon!
A workbook to help you understand what makes you tick  in the workplace. What are your VALUES at work? What lights your FIRE? What turns you OFF? What MUST you have and what must be AVOIDED at all costs? Brainstorm ways to make work for more inspiring, interesting or FIND new career ideas! What are your STRENGTHS and where do you SABOTAGE yourself? Take a long hard look at you – and build your confidence in the workplace! Great ideas that will JUMPSTART the process for new or alternative roles/careers or simply help you identify qualities that you would help you truly enjoy your current role more. If you’re saying:

  • “I dread going into work in the morning”
  • “I’m going back into the workplace after time off & wondering where to start”
  • “I hate my job/boss”
  • “I have a promotion/review coming up and I’m curious about what’s next”
  • “I’m tired/bored. I want a new career but don’t know where to start”

Then this workbook is for you…

Tips Booklets

Coming soon. These tips booklets will give you short, simple tips to de-stress, sleep better, get happier!

Do you have any other suggestions – or a preference as to which Tips Booklet you’d like to see first? Email us here:

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