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Creative Visualisation Mp3s

Creative Visualisations are meditations! So, it’s ESSENTIAL that you don’t listen to these while your focus is required elsewhere, eg. driving a car, operating machinery etc!

Creative Visualisation Series
Time to RELAX… Volume 1 Water

Introduction FREE here – why, when and how to use creative visualisations (5:12)

Creative Visualisation Series 1 minute meditation waterfall (1:45) Sample Track-FREE
Add to Cart 3 minute meditation at the ocean (3:30) $1.95
Add to Cart 7 minute meditation raging river (6:45) $2.95
Add to Cart 10 minute meditation healing river (10:00) $3.95
Add to Cart 25 minute meditation still lake & future self w/chimes (25:00) $7.95
Add to Cart ALL tracks Vol. 1-Water (approx

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