Female Circumcision now banned in Uganda!

It’s good to celebrate these victories – wow!

Uganda has made female circumcision illegal – I wonder how many other countries there are where it is still legal?

And I know this won’t necessarily stop the practice – but it sends a message that it is UNACCEPTABLE! And over time, hopefully the practice will die […]

A New First! Woman Aeronautical Display Pilot!

Awesome! When I was little – of course before I understood how awful war is – I wanted to be a fighter pilot. Until my mom kindly pointed out that my eyesight (which is terrible) would mean I could only fly commerically. BORING.

So of course I thought this news item was very cool… The […]

I am grateful that…

It’s Thanksgiving in the USA today – Happy Thanksgiving!

And I found this article on the BBC website which made me very thankful that…

I don’t live in Somalia – where people, especially women are stoned to death for having affairs or sex outside of marriage http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/8366197.stm

As always, we LOVE to hear […]

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