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MONTH 2 - The Face of ExpansionGoals, Dreams and Personal Growth

Artist and Author: Anne Baird

A woman emerges from a shell on the beach. Caught up in the bliss of becoming, she spreads her arms like wings and flies. The shell is the legendary chambered nautilus.

What does the nautilus mean to her? Everything. Its life is a metaphor for her soul journey.

In his book, The Power of Intention, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer says, “The nature of life is to increase and seek more and more expression… It might look like a tiny speck in a continuous state of duplicating itself, then enlarging itself, and then moving forward, all the while continuing its expansion and expression. Trust the face of expansion…

The life of the chambered nautilus demonstrates the transformation of which Dr. Dyer speaks. Born as a tiny, single-chambered shell, it steadily expands by adding new, internal chambers to the first in a perfect, concentric spiral. As each fresh cell is completed, the nautilus moves in, seals off the last compartment, and creates an identical, larger dwelling space. Over a 20-year lifespan, it can reach an impressive size.

It travels the ocean by jet propulsion. Squirting water from a funnel at the mouth of its shell, it propels itself backwards, seeking new horizons to support expanding needs. It takes advantage of currents to assist its journey, yet swims against the tide if necessary. When not traveling, it lives on the slopes of coral reefs at depths of around 800 feet, beyond the reach of men. It ascends to shallower waters at night to feed. Adjusting the buoyancy of its inner chambers, it rises and sinks – a process adopted by divers and modern submarines.

It’s a survivor! The nautilus propelled itself through ancient seas over 500 million years ago, before dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Yet it continues to adapt to modern conditions. Its ranks are successfully evolving and expanding from the Indian Ocean to the tropics of the Pacific.

Do you want growth and expansion in your life? Remember the nautilus. Build your life one cell at a time. Remain open to life’s currents and opportunities. Adapt to them, while remaining true to your deepest instincts and intentions. Don’t be afraid to buck the tide. Cast off doubt, and journey fearlessly into an uncertain but promising future.

Trust in yourself, and in an ever-expanding Universe, is the beginning of growth.

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November 2009 – Friendship!

FriendsArtist and Author: Anne Baird

Women don’t operate in a vacuum. We don’t have to!

Angels without wings called “friends” encourage and cheer us on. Friends rejoice when you’re flying, pick you up and dust you off when you take a tumble. They’re the family we choose for ourselves ~ the sisters of our heart.

Friends join you in the dance of life.

That’s why these women are dancing. The wreath behind them expresses their unity, their delight in themselves and in each other. It expresses their solidarity with sisters all over the Earth.

Dance, Lady, dance! The world is full of rich possibility.

Your best friends will tell you so!

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