GUEST POST: Courage from Within

Our second article on Courage from Christina Sestan follows beautifully from her previous post on Fear. Read on!

Courage is the currency of growth and change. If you want to pursue a new goal or stimulate more personal development in your life, you can always use more courage in your bank.

We won’t journey […]

GUEST POST: Navigating Sanity in an Increasingly Fear-driven World

I received this article recently from Christina Sestan – a fellow life coach – and thought it was great! So I’m sharing it here for you guys to benefit from too.

Have you flown into the US lately? Notice anything different? Perhaps a flight attendant poked her head into the lavatory to see what […]

Rebel Question: What would you try now if you KNEW you could not fail?

Make a list of at least 10 things – and start one this week!

OK, new idea! I’ll post a coaching question for you and encourage you to answer it – here!

And THEN I thought it might be good if I showed the way… So, without thinking too hard I’ve rattled off the […]

Too funny, Muslim veil works against man in marriage fiasco…

A new use has been found for Muslim veils…

Dubai court annuls marriage to ‘bearded lady’. See the BBC news article here.

Although it is a bit sad that a woman gets rejected for being cross-eyed and having facial hair.

Remember, we always LOVE to hear from you. Just comment and leave a […]

Lunchbreak Inspiration – Eve Ensler

If you ever need some intelligent inspiration or entertainment on your lunchbreak I cannot recommend enough. Mostly 20 minute informative talks on a huge range of subjects from many inspiring people of today.

So, I found this recently by Eve Ensler – Embrace Your Inner Girl. It’s a great fit with what I would […]

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