Rebel Question: What would you try now if you KNEW you could not fail?

Make a list of at least 10 things – and start one this week!

OK, new idea! I’ll post a coaching question for you and encourage you to answer it – here!

And THEN I thought it might be good if I showed the way… So, without thinking too hard I’ve rattled off the first 10 things that popped into my head – and here is my response:

I would 1) Write a book, 2) Cook a souffle, 3) Take more snowboarding lessons, 4) Grow avocados (yum!), 5) Get another dog to keep Dexter company (feeling sorry for aged cat so haven’t), 6) Build myself a new office, 7) Relax more, 8) Contact Lululemon with my idea, 9) Hire someone to do business admin for me and 10) Have laser-eye surgery…

So, looking at this list, I’m going to work on my Lululemon idea and have a proposal together by end March…

Remember, we’d LOVE to hear YOUR answer to this question!
Just leave your reply below!

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9 comments to Rebel Question: What would you try now if you KNEW you could not fail?

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  • Gun

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  • Delaney Tosh

    Hi Emma Louise,

    I would try the luge!
    I would travel twice a year – at least once a year to far flung places off the beaten track.
    I would take a snowboarding lesson.
    I would hire an Assistant.
    I would try surfing…again.
    I would spend a coupe of weeks in an ashram in silent meditation.
    I would follow through on my marketing plan.
    I would stop making excuses.

    What will I do? I will implement stage 1 of my marketing plan tomorrow.

    • Awesome Delaney.
      Sounds fab. And the luge – you are one brave woman!!!
      Good luck with your marketing plan – look forward to seeing the results…

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  • Fun post Emma!

    Here are a few things off the top of my head:

    Create more paintings and sell them unabashedly!
    Have my own TV show
    Do a triathlon
    Get a dog
    Hire more team members
    Launch not one, but two high end products
    Get a partner
    Teach, teach, teach
    Stop eating meat and dairy (is that a vegan?)
    Continue living in 2 countries indefinitely

    What am I going to do? Talk to my coach about my high end products!!!

  • Good challenge EL, I like it! So what whould I do well some of them are on your list:

    Get a book written and published
    Be a regular columnist in UK newspaper or magazine
    Have laser eye surgery before it’s too late
    Outsource my accounting and bookeeping
    Get a website for Minerva’s Mind
    Set up holistic centre around whole self idea and sustainability
    Increase readership of blog so that it gets into top 100 Mums blogs
    April workshop to be a sell out
    Build regional presence and business so not relying on London
    Improve the intimacy in my marriage

    What am I going to do? Talking to 2 guys tomorrow about book ideas & local group; Have woman lined up on website or certainly discussion about; and talking to marketing woman on Monday about workshop. So watch this space!

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