Rebel Question: “If you were to look back 3 years from now, what MUST have happened?”

Usually in coaching we try to avoid the words “Must” and “Should” but here it is used to help you FOCUS on what’s most important…

Make a list of 10 things & use these to set your goals! 

NOTES: Don’t ponder this too hard, just pick up pen and paper, OR add a comment to this post right now and start TYPING – see what comes out when you “freewrite”…

As always, I’ll lead the way – here is my response, in 3 years:

1) Our guest cottage is completed, advertised and regularly rented out
2) Rebel Women Cafe will have stacks of Tools & Resources – it will be a “Go to” website for coaching answers!
3) We will have gone to Reims, France (Champagne region) for our 10th wedding anniversary
4) We will be growing most of our own vegetables/food and storing/canning for winter
5) We will have chickens (for eggs!) and possibly goats!
6) I will have written a book
7) I will have resolved the issues with my endometriosis/ovarian cyst etc (or at least have much less pain!)
8) I will be fully established here in the Salt Spring Community
9) I will have established a way of working that allows me time to do more gardening/spend more time outside
10) I will feel more spiritually enlightened/be noticeably further along my spiritual path.

Wow – this was a hard one for me. There isn’t much I actually want or need anymore – but I would like to work less, play more, have less pain (endometriosis etc) – and be running our B&B to help people get back to nature!

Remember, we LOVE to hear YOUR answers to these questions!
Just leave your reply below!

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5 comments to Rebel Question: “If you were to look back 3 years from now, what MUST have happened?”

  • Shelley

    This was actually a toughie for me – I tend to rebel with “musts” but here’s my shot at it:
    1) My Weekly/Monthly/Annual Goal Program is in place and I am instituting/managing/maintaining my goals.
    2) I am on a regular/consistent basis, blogging informative pieces on my biz site and blogging for fun on my personal site.
    3) Spending time with my mother and brother without it being a rushed affair.
    4) Have gotten away on a few fun trips with my husband to places we have talked about such as whale watching in the Queen Charlotte’s & sailing in the San Juan’s.
    5) My yard and garden are in maintenance mode and I am once again making my own hanging baskets.
    6) I am taking regular cello lessons and really enjoying them.
    7) I have reduced my pain medication so that I am now functioning at a good level for more than 90% of the day instead of 60%.
    8) I have taking up rock wall climbing.
    9) I have explored and established a focus on spirituality and wellness from within that allows for acceptance of ‘just me’.
    10) I have enjoyed an expanding relationship with my sister and supported her in her time of need.

    • Awesome Shelley! Didn’t know you were into sailing – maybe you could stop by the Gulf Islands on your trip around the San Juans…

    • Chris

      It is roughly just a few weeks shy of three years. I am curious to see what Shelley was able to accomplish on her list of ten. I hope all of them.

  • what i like about your list is that it’s clear and specific! and from those 10 things you can create a kind of sub-todo list…i’m off to the pen and paper right now! i have a call with my coach this morning and this will give me a few things to choose from for focus =)

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