News – Progress for Women in India!

I like to include news items about women around the world – as a way of reminding myself how lucky we are – and how many women there are who are still striving for safety, equality and justice.

So, a landmark bill has just been passed in India which reserves a third of seats for women in parliament (after vigorous resistance from a small group of socialist MPs).

See the BBC online news correspondent for India’s article here

What makes this article interesting is some of the facts – for example only 54% of women in India are literate, compared with more than 76% of men, and history – the only supporter of reserving seats for women in parliament 50 years ago was a man and his comments make hilarious reading. And why am I not surprised that “studies of India’s village councils and municipalities – where a third of the seats are already reserved for women – have found that increased political representation of women leads to more investment in health and education, less corruption and more altruism.”

Hurrah for India’s women!

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