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This page is a collection of our awesome free coaching tools to help you be authentic, get inspired and create your life the way you want it! Simply click to open the Coaching Tools & Resources below or Right click and choose “Save Target as” to save to your computer. Enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: These free coaching tools are ONLY to be used by you in a personal context. These coaching tools are copyrighted and are NOT licensed to be used in a business context with clients by coaches, therapists, consultants etc.

COACHES: If you want to use tools like these with your clients, please visit our sister company The Coaching Tools for lots of ideas, brandable tools & awesome free resources!

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Free Coaching Tools & Exercises:
RWC 2011 Goal-Setting Funsheet_Page_1_small 2011 Goal Setting Fun Sheet.pdf – our extremely popular annual worksheet to help you set 3 goals for 2011 and get started with an action for each goal. PLUS a “Sizzling Summary Sheet” to cut out and stick up to remind you to stay on track! Get downloadin’ gals!
*NEW* Tolerations – Clear Your Mind.pdf We all know it’s not just our homes that get cluttered – our minds do too! Try this free coaching tool to identify what you’re tolerating so you can save your energy for – and remember – what’s really important!
*NEW* Self Care Checklist.pdf Do you really look after yourself – or do you just think you do? Sometimes it’s the obvious that escapes us and if you haven’t been to the dentist in 2 years, hate your hair or have nothing to look forward to in life then maybe it’s time for some self-care homework…
Wacky Wild Brainstorming Tool.pdf This simple one-sided worksheet helps you brainstorm IDEAS and DREAMS and then pick 10 as possible goals.
THUMBNAIL - RWC What Makes My Heart Sing What makes my Heart Sing.pdf These days many of us are looking for happiness in pleasurable activities or material goods without realizing that joy is on our doorstep – and often costs nothing! See for yourself with this deceptively simple but potent Life Coaching Tool. Get closer to your values – and real self! One of my personal favourite tools.
RWC Friendship Mapping Tool_small Friendship Map.pdf Ever wonder why you are the way you are with people? Well, our past experiences influence how we see the present – and this applies to friendship and life! This Life Coaching Tool helps you review your key friendship highs and lows in your life and gain a better understanding of what you truly value in your friendships.

Free Creative Visualization Meditation for Relaxation :
THUMBNAIL Meditation 1_small Our free 1 minute meditation – Waterfall.mp3 will help wash away your worries and cares. Try it to see for yourself how quickly you can relax – and learn the technique so you can do it for yourself!

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