News – WWII Knicker Spy – An Unsung Heroine…

So I admit, the word “Knicker” got my attention.

Margery Booth was a spy for the English in WWII – even singing for Hitler with secret documents in her knickers (panties if you’re in North America).

This article tells us a little about her exploits, see the BBC news article here.

The thing that surprised me was that signed photos of her were only expected to fetch 100GBP , about $200. This seems cheap! She was captured, tortured, escaped, was instrumental in the prosecution of British traitors and also sang to raise the morale of the Britsh troops captured by the Germans. What a heroine! I would love to know more about her – but even Wikipedia has very limited information.

It made me wonder how many more women risked their lives in the war – and we just don’t hear about them! Margery Booth is yet another feisty rebel woman. Bravo!

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