Stuff Your Pompoms!

I liked this rant – about feminism and cheerleading and whether it’s a ‘sport’ or not… Because cheerleading is now considered a sport in 37% of UK schools!

Check out  The Observer editorial here.

Sadly I found this article too late to comment – otherwise I would have added that one of the things that drives me crazy about women – is that many of us don’t know how to compete with each other in a healthy way

Competition between women often ends up in bitching, complaining, backstabbing and damaged friendships (just watch an episode of Next Top Model!). I believe this is because we don’t get to practice competing against each other enough growing up. Competition is seen as unfeminine… Whereas for men it seems growing up is ALL about competing with each other. And whilst I wouldn’t want to reach that extreme – at least they get to let all their energy and passion loose, try their hardest and then despite competing hard with each other – still be friends afterwards… I’m sure there are other women out there (like me) who have held themselves back to avoid upsetting others?

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