Lady Chatterley’s Lover – Sex Sex Sex or Something Deeper?


DH Lawrence in 1906 at 21 yrs old

I’ve just finished reading Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence. It was first published in 1928, banned and not published again until the late 1950s – even then causing a stir because of it’s sexual content. Mr Lawrence was quite the rebel…

So firstly, YES, there is enough sex to make a Harlequin romance look tame.

 And I have to confess that I actually found the book quite hard to read (many long paragraphs and some rather boring expositions/discussions in the early part). But I stuck it out – and I’m very glad I did!

The sexual liaisons are written in a very philosophical yet animalistic/natural way… It felt very real, not overly dramatised or romanticised. In the book there seemed to be some big themes around:

  • Being in touch with nature/the environment ‘v’ industrialisation
  • How intellect and education separates us from ourselves and our true nature
  • Money and the outdated class system in Britain at the time
  • How men and women are expected to be – why can’t a man be tender and still manly? (Sounds good to me!)
  • And of course the ‘intellectualisation’ and disassociation of the sexual act…

Overall, themes of power – sex, love, education, money and class. But what I found most interesting was how relevant these themes still are today. I was surprised that even in the 1920s people of all classes were focused on money (spending what they have or wanting more) and seeking pleasure instead of LIVING meaningful lives and being in touch with their bodies, each other and their real selves/nature.

Overall I found the book unexpectedly spiritual and still very relevant. Anyone else?

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