Rebellion #1 – What do YOU Really Really Want?

Our VERY FIRST REBELLION is linked to this month’s theme of goals. It’s about picking goals that YOU truly want, that get YOU excited – not what everyone else or society thinks you should do… What are your SECRET dreams?

OK, I admit, this doesn’t SOUND very rebellious. Until you try to do it. And realise that it’s very easy to dismiss our deepest held dreams and ideas as silly, not meaningful enough – or just not what we’re supposed  to do with our lives.

Perhaps you want to sing in a rock band or dance. Maybe you want to travel. Or what about wanting to write, paint, be an actress, teach yoga, live in Italy, run your own bookstore, or like me – run off to the countryside and grow your own food and vegetables? Our SECRET dreams are often creative or soulful – things society tells us are not worthwhile or ‘sensible’ to make a living at, but they can be anything that goes against our upbringing. For example I once had a client who was brought up in a ‘giving’ charitable household that disdained money, but she wanted to earn lots of money and be a hotshot business executive…

Your SECRET dreams are the dreams you haven’t YET turned into goals – because they don’t fit how we think our lives SHOULD be lived…

So, how about a few questions to help you get started? TIP: If you can’t think of an answer, just let it be for a moment. Think back to your childhood – how would you answer that question if you were a child?

  1. Start by making a list of everything you want to be, do and have in life – we call this your Wacky, Wild List. Include EVERYTHING you can think of from ‘boring’ and ‘normal’ to wacky and wild. If you want some help with this check out our Tools & Resources Page and get your free “Wacky Wild List Brainstorming Tool”
  2. Ask yourself, “What are my secret dreams and goals?”, “What do I think and dream about that I dismiss as impossible, silly, a waste of time or perhaps something for the future?”
  3. What gets you really excited about life? What, when you think about doing it, do you feel excited and happy about – all the way through you? Ask “What do you want MORE of in your life? What EXCITES and INSPIRES you?” (Make a list)
  4. What, when you’re doing it, do you get so absorbed in that you feel at peace inside and forget all about time and the world outside? Ask yourself, “What do I TRULY enjoy?” Remember, we tend to enjoy what we’re good at or have a talent for – although that doesn’t mean we won’t have to work at it to improve…
  5. List the top 10 things in life that give you joy – what makes your heart sing? When you’ve finished, what do you notice? Do any of these items appear on any of your other answers? If you want some help with this check out our Tools & Resources Page and get your free “What Makes My Heart Sing” Tool 
  6. Ask yourself, “What would I try now if you KNEW I could not fail?” Make a list of at least 10 things – and start ONE!
  7. What would you do or try if you had all the; money/time/confidence/support and encouragement/energy you needed?”
  8. If you were to consider what’s POSSIBLE instead of what’s PROBABLE, what would you do differently?
  9. As the Spice Girls said, “So, tell me what you want, what you REALLY, really want?”

So, while some of your dreams may be life or career-changing the rebellion I’m talking about here is is acknowledging – at the VERY least to yourself – your SECRET dreams.

And then finding a way to bring more of them into your life – whether you work towards a BIG goal or simply bring the activities you love into your life by taking a course, starting a hobby or even volunteering. Even if you do it for ‘fun’, who knows where it may lead…

So, go on REBEL! And bring out the real, authentic you!

Remember, we always LOVE to hear what you’ve learned & what you’re thinking.
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2 comments to Rebellion #1 – What do YOU Really Really Want?

  • I think living a fulfilling life is a radical act simply because it is so hard to do! Like you said it sounds simple until you actually try to do it.

    Until we give ourselves permission to have and to pursue our big dreams – secret or otherwise – we are often not living our lives fully and passionately. That means we are living an ordinary, boring life.

    Who wants that?

    Yes, having rebellious, “unrealistic” or secret goals means we may often stumble or fall, but when the payoff is exciting, we are also more likely to dust ourselves off, pick ourselves up and get going again.

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