Muff Maintenance?

***WARNING*** Sexual terms and discussion

Do you love your ‘muff’? Because this is not a joke – check out and let me know what you think!

This new product  and advertising really surprised me. And while I love that this company is Canadian and apparently all natural, WHY DO WE HAVE to make our ‘MUFFS’ smell of a Lavender or Vanilla blend in the first place?

  • Do these products really leave us “savvy, empowered and informed women”?
  • What do you think of being told “Now that you’re so fresh and so clean, you can rule out dubbing it the dirty south”?
  • Do we really need a “4-step system for keeping our secret garden smelling fragrant with wash, spray, lotion and on-the-go individual wipes”?

Because I was under the impression that feminine wipes are BAD for our ‘muffs’ killing off the good bacteria as well as the bad and leading to potential infections?

And don’t we have enough on our plates being told by advertisers that we need to buy the latest clothes to fit in and look stylish, take their exercise classes to keep fit, eat their diet products to lose weight and use their vitamin products to be healthy? And now we need our ‘muffs’ to smell of essential oils?

As a sex ‘aid’ I could understand it more, but in that case what’s wrong with good old chocolate or whipped cream?

Tell me what YOU think!

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8 comments to Muff Maintenance?

  • Shelley

    After I commented on this posting, I thought of so many reasons why advertising this product is wrong. But then Marleen is right – look for anything on a woman’s body that you think can be exploited and you’ll make money!

    This particular statement really bothered me: “What you put onto your skin affects not just how you look on the outside but how you are on the inside. i love my muff products deliver beneficial, positive and refreshing effects to boost your underneath and over all confidence”

    Ok, so my lack of self-confidence can be boosted by spraying my crotch with a scented product? Wow, I’m going to run out and buy some right now because I’ve been looking for a cure-all for this problem for years!

    I never want my daughters to read a statement like that….never. And this website is also where advertising lacks ethics – the product is supposed to be natural, no chemicals and leave you fresh and pure….all the while introducing more garbage into our environment from it’s packaging. Arrggghhh – I have to stop.

    Other than that, as someone who is asthmatic and extremely sensitive to scents, I’m also aware that this process of inundating our world with perfumes, scents, etc. is becoming a health issue to many people.

    But then, this person is going to make money, probably a lot of money, on women’s insecurity when it comes to our ‘private’ area. Sigh – sometimes we just need to be like men and not be so obsessed with ……. oh wait, they’re obsessed with their crotches too! (lol) Oh well.

  • Marleen

    “Do these products really leave us “savvy, empowered and informed women”?”

    Why, yes, they do. Because nothing says savvy, empowered and informed like “buying into marketing bullshit telling me that I am, in my natural state, faulty, even though I’m happy with my muff, which suits me fine and has never received a single complaint from anyone on the grounds of appearance, hygiene, scent or taste. Please, now that you have successfully made me paranoid, do take my money and fix this flaw you have invented”.

    “What do you think of being told “Now that you’re so fresh and so clean, you can rule out dubbing it the dirty south”?”

    I’ve never referred to my muff as “the dirty south”. Possibly because I shower.

    But hey, after all this time you’ve got to congratulate these people, right? I didn’t think there was any imagined physical imperfection that had not been mined for the benefit of making women paranoid and cosmeticians rich. But they got a new one! Phew!

  • so suddenly, the smell of ones vagina is wrong and dirty and needs masking in a fake lavender or vanilla smell to make us even slightly appealing? Oh, those poor men and women that have had to put up with the au naturel way for so long. Thank goodness this came along and saved us all from this taboo hell!

    Dear god, whatever next, muff make-up to mask unsightly down-there blemishes?

    • Hi Shelley, Kate, Heather and Marleen,

      So GLAD I’m not the only one. Yes, showering would be a much more healthy and natural approach…

      And I love Heather’s suggestion on Muff Make-up! I think you can now have cosmetic surgery of your labia, so make-up would be far less intrusive. Perhaps we should suggest this?

      I am sorry for anyone I have offended with this blog post – but am also very glad to see that I am not alone in my horror at yet another ‘unacceptability’ being placed on women…


  • This is ridiculous. When I saw the tweet, I thought it was going to be about maintaining muff hair. For me it has to be a French wax for all sorts of reasons. Despite doing that I would never opt for the type of products advertised. A woman’s smell is unique and personal to her and cannot be manufactured.

  • Shelley

    I am actually…well…offended by the whole premise of this product. It just never stops – this constant need to remake females somehow. Too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, wrong colour, and now – you don’t smell RIGHT ‘down there’ or you’re not clean enough some how!!

    The advertising is very obviously directed towards young females and it’s not so subtle message is that ‘you smell’ and that smell isn’t nice. Well BS!

    I think we should start a FB Page to boycott all products directed towards this area of ‘feminine hygeine’ – it was bad enough when I was growing up that regular douching was considered necessary – until they found out how much damage it was doing.

    I consider products and advertising like this a perverse form of female abuse. Really.

  • How could I not click over from Twitter for an article about muffs? 🙂

    Seriously, though, this kind of advertising is just weird to me. What the heck are you doing to your privates to basically need a regular car wash down there? Your body has a system to keep it clean and healthy and does not require outside products to get the job done. Study after study has proven this.

    And who ever heard of hot sex smelling like vanilla or lavender?

    • Hi Betsy,

      Good point, I didn’t even think that hot sex and Lavender/Vanilla don’t really go… Spicy cinnamon or chocolate chilli maybe…

      I wonder who really came up with the idea. I have a ‘feeling’ that Ritz Clinging is not their real name…


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