News – “RapeLay” a Video Game where the AIM is to Rape and Assault Women!!!

So, I know I know, I’m supposed to be recuperating from surgery. And I am – honest! BUT I spotted this news article online – and I was so STUNNED that I needed to share my horror with you guys. So, please let me know what you think by commenting beneath this posting!

It reminds me how lucky we are and how much women’s rights still need to be fought for… 

ARTICLE EXTRACT: “With the click of your mouse, you can grope her and lift her skirt. Then you can follow her aboard the train, assaulting her sister and her mother. As you continue to play, “friends” join in and in a series of graphic, interactive scenes, you can corner the women, rape them again and again.”

This is a videogame created in Japan – but because of the internet the game became available globally before being withdrawn. Sadly it is still available from underground sources. See the CNN news article here.

I keep picturing a teenage boy playing this game, then going to the subway – perhaps with his friends – and assaulting a girl for real… Remember that the brain can’t tell the difference between something real and something vividly imagined – think how you feel after waking from some dreams!

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7 comments to News – “RapeLay” a Video Game where the AIM is to Rape and Assault Women!!!

  • they didnt travel to my ltaocion (25 minutes away) so therfore they would not be able to treat my daughter in my home they needed her back at moms, so the recommendation turned into a 2 week cooling off period, I did not agree given the life threatening statements being made, and as soon as I disagreed I was labled arguemenative, since then my daughter has been psychiatrically placed 8 more times which 2 of the 8 were back at this partial hospital, disturbing facts that I now have in my possesion, the admitting factors in 4 of these hospitals were for my daughter assaulting school staff and threatening other students ( the school denied the allegations) inhome therapy report mother reports client went for neuro psych exam today 5/25/10 results were ADHD BiPolar ODD depressive disorder and sensorary processing disorder, However I met with the Doctor that did the test and it turns out the test was not complete 9/12/10 and the Doctor did not add any diagnosis, there are other hospitalizations that says the previous hospital did extensive testing for ADHD and test was equivocal for ADHD, when infact it says ADHD was not dertimened during this hospitalization, the lies go on and on, my daughter is now up to her 6th medication, there have been trials of zoloft seroquell medidate risperidol tennex and 1 other, the mother puts me in positions to be arguemenative and has gotten everyone to alleinate me as a father, the things I am arguing over is my daughter has never displayed any of this behavior around me, the school counselor called the med provider and told her my daughter didnt need this medicine it was making her worse, so the mom had the school counselor removed and my daughter has not been entitled to a counselor at school for 2 years, the mother let my daughter from the age of six until recently have sleep overs with a boy down the street, one occasion the boy hit my 7 year old daughter in the face with a baseball bat leaving a large bruise, mom said it didnt bleed or anything I reported it to DCF, nothing happened, this past July my daughter came home at 9 with a large bruise on her arm, she said that during a sleep over with the same boy he hit her in the arm with a pipe, I reported it to DCF, nothing happened, I adressed it with the mom through email, her response was dont try to dictate who my daughter hangs out with at her house and about the bruise, it didnt bleed or need stitches or any medical treatment it was just a bruise I could go on and on of disturbing facts, but up to this point , we had a trial 4/11 the mom had a therapist a DCF worker and an inhome therapist all testify at trial I should have supervised visits with my daughter ( which was denied) but the fact is not 1 of these people ever sat down with me and gave me a chance to present any evidence to them, not 1 of them ever looked at the relationship I have with my daughter and DCF would not even come to my house for over 3 years because they said it was a safety concern???? 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  • Thank you for posting this. As sick as it is, it is good for us to be aware of what is out there. Makes me grateful that I have raised a gentle, loving feminist son who is now a dedicated, loving husband. He will be appalled to learn of this. I am also thankful I have taken a powerful womens’ self-defense course and conflict mediation. May such misguided souls evolve and if they are sociopaths with this video game in hand, Goddess help us all!

  • Shelley

    You’re absolutely right EL – I didn’t analyze it to that depth probably because the whole premise is abhorrent to me, including the other games.

    I cannot grasp nor understand the attitude that allows someone to think of this concept much less put the time and energy into developing it as a commercially viable product.

    Should the pendulum swing that far with respect to freedom of thought and expression?

  • Shelley

    As a woman I am horrified by the concept of developing & selling a game that utilizes sexual violence, molestation and assault against females. I am also greatly concerned that the animation portrays younger females. And yet, there are plenty of games on the market both online and not, that focus on violence and killing particularly war-based games. It is hard to rationalize the commercial success of this genre of entertainment.

    We can’t control the internet and therefore the spread of this type of gaming. We can, however, continue to speak out and hopefully start a groundswell of opposition; or at the very least institute a certain level of restriction that hopefully will protect youth from exposure to this.

    As a humans we need to develop a level of ‘conscientious objection’ to entertainment that appeals to the baser part of society. To evolve past a level where gaming such as this along with ‘sports’ like mixed martial arts or extreme fighting is considered a form of entertainment. (I still don’t get the concept where it’s enjoyable entertainment to watch one person beat the crap out of another person). I don’t have the answer to this but I do have the ability to draw a line in the sand and say I won’t go there and as a citizen I strongly object. And I will be politely vocal about it because while I respect an open society and freedom of choice I also believe that rules and laws need to be in place to ‘draw a line in the sand’ as well.

    • Thanks Shelley, you add some great thoughts as always.

      I also pondered on why it was OK to have violence (murder/mutilation) in games but not OK to have rape/assault. I think it’s not OK to kill people in games either – but we have become desensitised to violence/death in films – so this does not seem so shocking.

      However, rape and assault as in this game focuses on attacking just one segment of the population – women.

      Not only that, in a war-like situation (as in many games) killing, blood and gore are at least RELEVANT to the context of the situation. HOWEVER, female rape and assault is not “relevant context” for a subway – where I would hope to be able to travel unmolested.

      It’s all about where we draw the line.
      – Would a game where children are molested be acceptable?
      – What about a game where specific religious adherents – say Jews – were attacked and raped?
      – What about a game where the elderly are raped?

      If none of these are acceptable, why would a game where another segment of the population – women – are raped be acceptable?

      Am keen to hear what other people think…

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