Why are we so afraid to be honest in our friendships?

When I first moved to Canada I have to confess – I was still a little afraid of women. Growing up I was a tomboy, was schooled in sciences and had just left behind a 10 year career in technology and management. I was used to hanging around guys…

So, as I built my coaching […]

Quickie Exercises – Friendship

FRIEND IDENTIFIER: The Barbecue Test! Simply ask yourself who you would invite over for the “Perfect Barbecue”? FRIEND IDENTIFIER: You’ve been selected to be profiled on “This is Your Life”. What names would you want provided to the show researchers? FRIENDSHIP BOOSTER: Take some time out to tell your most important friends how you […]

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TrailBlazing Women


Friends and Enemies by Dorothy Rowe
The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz
The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman