Welcome to RebelWomenCafe!

Come on in, it’s great to see you here and thanks for dropping by! This is a unique community for women like you to get inspired, get thinking and to be your best self – now.

Don’t worry, we know you’re busy, so everything is short and motivational. This will be the kind of place you come for a quick boost – of energy, ideas, passion! So, bring your coffee (or tea), browse and connect with the amazing women here!

RebelWomenCafe is part spiritual (authenticity, inner peace, happiness), part thought-provoking (women’s roles in society, overcoming your limiting beliefs, what’s going on in the world) and when you feel like it, part taking action (getting to know yourself, making connections, goal-setting and more).

How does it work? There will be an overarching monthly theme and we’ll post feature articles with actions or questions to ponder – along with monthly inspirational quotes, artwork, exercises, mini-surveys and more. You can drop by whenever you feel like it – and if you want to know when we’ve added something new, just follow us on Facebook or Twitter – see the buttons top right!

We want to know what you think! So, when you feel inspired, have something to add, a success story to contribute or perhaps you agree or disagree with us – we encourage you to share your thoughts and feelings with us – by commenting on our articles and posts.

We want this place to be about YOU! So whether it’s a suggestion, idea for a topic or new feature, please let us know – ANY time. Email us here: rebel@rebelwomencafe.com. We want to change and grow as we get feedback from our loyal readers and mavens like you!

So, we’re launching RebelWomenCafe with a theme of “Friendship” – that rare quality that makes such a vital difference in our lives. Why not take a look around?

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